As much as I would like to share examples of my work with you, they belong to my employer. The ones showcased on the Publications page are listed because I have already gained approval from the “owner” or because they are published and easily accessible on the World Wide Web for the general public.  

What I Do All Day:

Here is a brief description of some of the skills I have learned and experiences I have gained from my professional work:

  • Event Management – This includes event planning, coordinating logistics and liaising with multiple partners and stakeholders.
  • Media Relations – My favourite parts of the job includes monitoring the media and conducting public environment analysis. I love reading the news and researching issues that affect my employer. Also, I respond to media inquiries by drafting media lines and preparing media products such as news releases, backgrounders, fact sheets, media advisories and event scenarios.
  • Internal Communications – I have developed and reviewed communications strategies and plans for internal clients. Web writing and editing are also common skills that I exercise from one job to another, often producing an e-newsletter for internal audiences.
  • Web Content Management – Every so often, I review, edit and post content on the Intranet and sometimes Internet site for my employer. And of course, I also manage and look after my own Website here!  

The best place to learn more about my skills, experiences, training and education is through my LinkedIn profile. It’s the next best thing to my résumé.

What Keeps Me Going at Night: 

Volunteering is great! I have benefited from volunteering by developing networks, work portfolios, and sharing skills and resources to create a stronger PR profession for myself. Here are some of the groups I have volunteered with and some work that I have done:

As the Social Media Manager with the Editors’ Association of Canada, I work with the Marketing and PR Committee to oversee and handle EAC's social media updates on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. My first challenge was to develop Social Media Guidelines for staff and volunteers to use as reference material; this was published in March 2013. Lately, I’ve been creating and publishing tweets and posts to increase traffic and generate discussion on The Editors’ Weekly.

As a Membership Web Writer with Canadian Public Relations Society, Toronto Chapter, I have researched, reviewed and written original content for the Student Membership page and Volunteering page to better promote their services. With the PR & Marketing Committee, I have also participated in the coordination of a Dress for Success networking event in February and June 2013.

As a PR volunteer with the Psychology Foundation of Canada’s (PFC) External Relations Committee, I liaise with program delivery teams to explore communications needs, gaps and opportunities, and then advise the team on what to do and how to do it. Here, I learn and gain experience in brand management and strategy by enhancing the overall PFC brand. In November 2012, I supported the eighth annual Breakfast for Champions event by creating the media advisory that was posted on the Newswire and distributed to targeted media outlets.

What Else Could I Be Up To?

I love to learn and I like to keep myself busy. Often, you will find me attending a workshop, seminar or networking event within the city. I am currently involved in several volunteer opportunities and am always looking for more to expand my skills and experiences.

On the side, I have started to take up knitting and photography. I learn on my own (with the occasional help from YouTube) and mostly through trial-and-error. The Perspectives web-page can provide you with a glimpse of my artistic side. Oh, I'm also on Twitter a lot.

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Please note that any writing samples, design and layout, and photography are my own work, unless otherwise stated. You are more than welcome to use my words and images for non-commercial purposes, but please remember to give credit where it is due, to the author and the artist (usually me), and link back to my Website.

Once again, all thoughts expressed here are my own and are not representative of my employer.